The nursing calculations quiz

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Drug doses are one of the most important aspects of nursing. A calculation error or a decimal point in the wrong place could be fatal for your patient! Here we have a selection of nursing calculations. Most are straightforward, but be careful–it’s easy to make a mistake!

To divide by 100 you move the decimal point two places to the:

Convert 0.075g to mg

What is 0.007L in mL?

What is 6.326 correct to two decimal places?

Multiply 8.3 × 0.07

A patient is ordered 0.06grams of Codeine. Your stock is in 30mg tablets. How many tablets should be given?

If you have 60mg, 80mg, 120mg and 160mg tablets, a required dose of 280mg and you can only give whole tablets. What is the least amount of tablets you can give?

You have a syrup of penicillin of 250mg/5ml. How many milligrams of penicillin are in 20ml of syrup?

What volume of phenytoin 20mg/ 5ml do you give if 30mg has been ordered?

You have Heparin at a strength of 5000 units/5mL. What volume do you need to give 900 units?

A patient will receive 750ml of normal saline and the fluid is delivered at 25mL/hour. How long will the fluid last?

You have 80ml of fluid containing 75mg of gentamicin and an infusion time of 35 mins. What’s the required pump setting in mL/hour?

If a patient needs a unit of packed cells over three hours, a unit contains 250mL and the I.V. set delivers 15 drops/mL. What drip rate in drops per minute is needed?

What size of single dose of Amoxicillin would be needed for a child weighing 27kg when they are prescribed 40mg/kg/day, 4 doses per day?



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71 Responses to The nursing calculations quiz

  1. Kevin Fortune

    awesome test…

    • Your name

      If you don’t use it,you lose it as the old saying goes.I was proud to get 9 out of 14.Done Iv’s and meds along time,but most stuff is figured for us.The bottom line is it is still the nurses responsibility to do it correctly no matter what,we check behind everyone else,for the safety of the patient. Tks.

  2. Rene Gil

    I missed one, not bad; considering I don’t any pharmacology anymore…
    cool test!!

  3. Kevin

    nice little quiz…got 13 out of 14…but i had pharm last semester so….

  4. Your name

    I can’t remember the last ime I calculated a drip rate!

  5. DeAnn

    Great quiz! It’s nice to have an opportunity to test your abilities without putting patient’s in danger. Got 14 out of 14!

  6. stacy

    Thanks I only got one wrong and it lets me know I still got it!!!

  7. leonora coombs

    Brilliant!! I got the perfect score. Proud to be a nurse. Thany you, thank you very much.

  8. Marie

    Remaining honest, got 9 correct out of 14, but neither did I grab paper/pencil, as I would have had to for some….and frankly, like most nurses, spoiled by years of prepackaged meds of all kinds, and IV pumps which you enter information into and they set the rate….every other IV where I work is “hydrate the patient” ie run it in, or “KVO” and its set to drip very very slowly. NO one expects you to count the drip rate on regular, non-medicated IV’s….Also, never worked in Peds, and I know I’d need a refresher course to do so safely.

  9. Patti

    Got 14 out of 14! Guess that they are teaching me right! Will graduate on May 13. Love this stuff!!

  10. mae

    11 out of 14. That ok considering I’ve been a nurse for 30+ years but haven’t actively practiced in several years. I thought about going back part-time.

    Great test

  11. I got 14 out of 14! Good review!

  12. sharon

    I got 7 right, not bad since Im just an aide not a nurse!

  13. Cara

    got 13/14…still got it!!!!

  14. Angie

    I got 12 out of 14 , nice test!

  15. jackie


  16. cathy

    refresh my nursing computation…. 14/14

  17. got 12 out of 14, nice quiz though

  18. ryan

    nice one…i got 14. thought i forgot to calculate…lolz

  19. lalaine

    got 10 out of 14…not bad.. :-]

  20. cheryll

    nice 11//14 not bad:)

  21. bernadette

    nice try for me.nt in active duty since 2001

  22. Florence Golipatan

    thanks for this great quiz!

  23. jm

    12/14 not bad for 3 years of unemployment

  24. KRIZ

    im glad i still got 13 out of 14 coz i have no much time for resheshin..though i had fun thankz.

  25. conni

    The quiz was fun I only got 8 correct but I have not taken any nursing courses yet but I will! Thanx

  26. Zaituni

    I got 7 out of 14 i never did pharmacology am just a nutritionist.Any job vacancy for a nutritionist please let me know.

  27. mark jara

    Not bad 12 out of 14……. more practice and review!!!!! ty,,,,,


    this really helps a lot.. thanks.. 9 out of 14 least i’d still remember my pharmacology subject.. thanks for my professors in nursing.. i do enjoy this quiz..

  29. Dorothy

    Good test. I got 12/14 and that is not bad considering I have not done these type of calculations in 19 years.

  30. faye

    I really liked your quiz..but ‘ failed’ miserabbly.. i also need to the endorsement ofr medication.. have attempted two times.. but just cannot get my head around the calculations..have you got any support groups or private tutors that i can contact.. I am a mature aged late starter in nursing.. and need to keep on working and continuing carerr. kind regards Faye

  31. Michelle S.

    I earned 14 out of 14! That’s pretty good for having never taken a math for meds class. I just got accepted into a nursing program so hopefully this will help me.

  32. gladys

    oh ohhh!7 out of 14!!not active since 2000!ned to review again!!thanks it helps a lot..

  33. Mimi

    14 out of 14. Thrilled.

  34. Jen

    I got 9 out of 14. Not too bad for a Medical Assistant, I am not IV trained, yet.

  35. didona

    I got 14/14 and I am not a nurse or anything medical. It was all just math.

  36. rachel

    Nice quiz got 12 out of 14 without pencil and paper! Havent had calc. for a while so it was a good refresher!

  37. I am taking Pharmacology and scored 13 out of 14. I was stuck on the drip rate question. We have not covered this yet in class. I believe this question is more of a basic math question. I did all the problems in my head. Good quiz.

  38. Trena

    14/14, r u kidding me, nurses with 10/14 are thrilled? Really?!? I would be far from thrilled and quite frankly… I pray that you would not be MY nurse. I want a nurse that scores 14/14

  39. Trena

    14/14, r u kidding me, nurses with 10/14 are thrilled? Really?!? I would be far from thrilled and quite frankly… I pray that you would not be MY nurse. I want a nurse that scores 14/14

  40. I can’t believe I got 14 out of 14 and I haven’t had a dosage class since last year. :)

  41. Emily

    14/14! So shocked, I’m in my first quarter of clinicals but I haven’t taken pharm math in nearly two years!

  42. Kathy

    WOW!! I worked in the OR for 21 years and anesthesia did 99% of meds!! Its been probably 25 years since I had to do calculations without a cheat sheet!! I scored 11 out of 14 and I thought that was great!!!!

  43. Got 11/14 – not to bad for a spoiled nurse who does not have to figure drug calculations daily or convert drips rate ratios. Haven’t really had to practice that much on this since nursing school 17 yrs ago. I still think it is good practice to attempt to work thru these problems from time to time to remind all nurses of how it used to be!! And yes I do remember having to memorize all of those conversions.Thanks

  44. Samantha

    Shamefully excited that I got 8 out of 14… I haven’t done ANY med calculations in 10yrs, so I guess not to bad! I thought it would be much worse… Nice quiz!

  45. I have to be honest…got 9 out of 14 right. Since I have worked as a nurse aide instructor,in Long Term Care for the past 10 years, I need a refresher course. Please provide correct formulas for those of us who have forgotten.

  46. Melissa lopez

    12 out of 14 is great considering i start my first semester of nursing school in august!

  47. melissa

    14 outta 14…. paramedics rock!!!

  48. Sab

    wow, I am happy i scored 50% but I gave not even started a nursing program yet! I start in the fall. I am pretty excited.

  49. Shorna Mckenzie

    I scored 10/14 no pen or paper. Working as an RN for 10yrs, last time I used a formula was nursing school.

  50. Jeff Lozinski

    I am in a Nursing program in the fall never did Meds and got 11-14.

  51. Carolyn

    9/14 Not bad for a LPN, by the way in P.R. we don’t calculate medicines or IV because only RN’s are autorized. Interesting Quiz…

  52. Bryan

    Got 14/14 — without pen & paper or a calculator!!
    Have been in nursing since ’86. Guess my skills are still sharp even though I only do hospice crisis care.

  53. carla

    9/14… still pre nursing, starting RN program this fall :-) Looking forward to it!

  54. marzie

    14 out 14, great quick quiz, without use of writing material….lol

  55. Ali

    I haven’t done them since nursing school (the pharmacy does our dosage calculations for us) and I felt great that I scored 12 out of 14…

  56. Dottie NURSE

    WOW! I did great! Nurse for over 36 Years. Never was taught those calks years ago……got ’em anyway. Guess this Private Duty Hospice Nurse still knows how to rock :)

  57. Marilyn, LVN

    12/14 drip rates have always been my downfall. Still not bad for an LVN who finished nsg school 19 yrs ago and has been spoiled by IV pumps.

  58. Student nurse

    11/14 Not bad for 1st year nursing student. Math use to terrorize me but thanks to a great instructor teaching me Dimensional Analysis I’ve improved so much! Practice practice practice makes perfect! I’ll get there.

  59. Dorothy

    I got 9 right. I don’t feel that’s too bad for someone that has not had to do this for 20 years, but it could have been better.

  60. Hatch

    Thanks! That was fun!!!

  61. Kelly


  62. LKROLL Student

    I got 12 right out of 14 and I am applying to an ADN program right now! Here’s hoping I get in next fall (2012). =)

  63. Abby Student

    Considering that this knowledge is needed for my Kaplan Pre-nursing Entrance Exam, I was very happy that I got a 12/14. I haven’t even started studying for the test and I’m taking it in a month. I guess I know something for the test. Wish me luck

  64. noongsaao

    12/14. Pretty happy with that, seeing as how I’m actually an Athletic Training major, and have never taken a single pharm class!

  65. webmom2008

    How is 0.75g to mg 75mg? Isn’t it 750? Moving three decimals to the right?

  66. ewanne

    I got 10..not bad,need to review…been a long since I work in a hospital..😢

  67. Laryelle

    I still need to review more….. Scored 11
    I love the quiz