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Drug doses are one of the most important aspects of nursing. A calculation error or a decimal point in the wrong place could be fatal for your patient! Here we have a selection of nursing calculations. Most are straightforward, but be careful–it’s easy to make a mistake!

To divide by 100 you move the decimal point two places to the:

Convert 0.075g to mg

What is 0.007L in mL?

What is 6.326 correct to two decimal places?

Multiply 8.3 × 0.07

A patient is ordered 0.06grams of Codeine. Your stock is in 30mg tablets. How many tablets should be given?

If you have 60mg, 80mg, 120mg and 160mg tablets, a required dose of 280mg and you can only give whole tablets. What is the least amount of tablets you can give?

You have a syrup of penicillin of 250mg/5ml. How many milligrams of penicillin are in 20ml of syrup?

What volume of phenytoin 20mg/ 5ml do you give if 30mg has been ordered?

You have Heparin at a strength of 5000 units/5mL. What volume do you need to give 900 units?

A patient will receive 750ml of normal saline and the fluid is delivered at 25mL/hour. How long will the fluid last?

You have 80ml of fluid containing 75mg of gentamicin and an infusion time of 35 mins. What’s the required pump setting in mL/hour?

If a patient needs a unit of packed cells over three hours, a unit contains 250mL and the I.V. set delivers 15 drops/mL. What drip rate in drops per minute is needed?

What size of single dose of Amoxicillin would be needed for a child weighing 27kg when they are prescribed 40mg/kg/day, 4 doses per day?

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