Quiz: The latest nurse specialties

Nursing career guru Donna Cardillo and NursingLink have teamed up to tell you about the 10 most exciting jobs in nursing. Now see what you know about the latest nursing specialties that are interesting and are growing quickly.

If you're the kind of person who really likes the gym, what kind of nursing specialty should you consider?

If you're an RN who likes her computer and want to help design hospital information systems, what career path might interest you?

If you are a nurse with a strong religious faith - maybe you have sometimes wished you had gone into the ministry, perhaps - what nursing specialty might be right up your alley?

If you like to count things, what kind of nursing specialty might be good for you to consider?

You watch CSI on TV and wish you could help get to the bottom of death investigations. Other days, you feel inspired to help victims of sexual assault. Based on this, what kind of nursing career should you research?

You work for a company like Aetna or Cigna, giving advice to patients over the phone or following through on patient guidelines. What's your specialty called?

You see often see your patients for 30 days at a time, getting to know them. There are lots of opportunities to become a manager. What's your specialty?

You know your way around injecting botox, laser treatments and spider vein treatments. What's your specialty called?

You don't like working in a hospital any more but you have valuable experience as a nurse that you'd like to put to work for business clients. You like working for yourself and contributing your expertise to clients as a consultant. What is this career path called?

You're into mind-body medicine and you believe the body knows best how to heal. You like soothing atmosphere and believe in doing yoga or meditation for your patients as well as for yourself. You combine both conventional and complementary alternative medicine. What's your specialty called?

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