The older, the better

I love old people. I really do. Even when they are cranky and crotchety and cantankerous–I love them even more. One, they usually have great stories to tell you. Two, they are usually appalled by current trends a la the Justin Bieber haircut. Three, they always have spunk and don’t care what you think of them.
I remember one super awesome patient who was 100 years old. She came in for something pretty minor and I was doing her assessment. I asked her what was the secret to living to be 100 years old. She thought about it for awhile and said “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. It SUCKS!” Then she started to tell me how her husband passed away when she was in her 70s and she has slowly watched many of her friends die.

I never thought about getting old that way; how painful it would be to see everyone leave you. And even if she makes new friends they won’t replace the old. I spent a lot more time than usual with this patient because she had so many fascinating stories. Sometimes, you just need a friend…no matter what age you are.

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