The one-week almost-vacation

Summer break has come and nearly gone right before my eyes. Despite being a state school stuck in a major budget crisis, our faculty fought for us to have a summer session when the rest of the school would be on 4 month hiatus from nursing school. However, this means that the rest of the nursing school will have 4 months of sunbathing, theme parks, and beach parties while we will be slaves to the books once again. I am thankful for this summer quarter — without it we would be graduating 6 months late. But if we’re only going to have one week off between classes, PLEASE! Let me enjoy it, worry free!
Two days into vacation there were emails about med-math study guides — have they come out yet? So while on a mini trip with my mom, I have med math in the back of my mind. IV drips! I can’t remember the formula! And are they going test us on minims and drams again like that horrible test last year? This is what’s racing through my head while walking up the main street with shops. Its ok, I think to my self, deal with it when you get home.

But before I’m even on the road home there’s another email (one bad thing about smart phones… you can’t escape reality for long!). This one’s from a professor — with the syllabus attached — which means one thing: reading assignments. BOO! Not what I want to be worrying about right now. Not when I’ve just gotten into a great, entertaining, funny, NON-nursing book. Not to mention my textbook hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s just one more thing on my growing to-do list during a quickly dwindling week off. And there have been emails about what to turn in, who to call, arranging my hospital log in.

It’s all very exciting — it’s going to be a great quarter in ICU, but really — what’s the point of this break if we don’t really get to actually break and not worry for just one week? Please, Nursing School, let me enjoy the last 2 ½ days of vacation. Pretty please?

Nursing students – do you have the summer off? What are your plans? Let me know so I can live  vicariously through you while I am studying away! ;)  Enjoy your vacation!

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