The other side

Image: George Doyle | Stockbyte | Thinkstock

So I’ve still only been at my jobs a few days, but I am loving it. One thing I have definitely learned about, is what it’s like to be on the “other side.” What does that mean? Well, I’ve gotten to see what it’s like working with students on the floor, but from the perspective of an employee doing her job.

Our floor welcomes students, and it especially welcomes the students from my school (which, of course, I totally forgot about!). So last Friday (my first full day of work) I was surprised to see familiar faces all around. Friends of mine from the nursing class below me are doing their peds rotation on our floor. It was so different to see what we look like as students from a different perspective. First off, I have to say, everyone was doing a great job. And it was definitely a help having an extra set of eyes on my patients, especially in my first days. I was fortunate to be with students I know; students I trust to do a good job – and they didn’t disappoint. But I did see what it’s like to put part of your job in someone else’s hands.

Despite trusting the students, and knowing that they were going to do a good job, I still had to double check their charting, ask question about what has been going on with the patient during their care. It wasn’t hard, but it made me realize that as students, we need to be aware of what we are responsible for, and do it, and if there is a lack of communication, clarify it. I saw what it must be like for the nurses working with students, making sure everything gets done safely and in a timely way. It was definitely a new way of looking at what the nurses and aides that we deal with daily on the clinical floor go through  protecting their licenses and their jobs, all while helping us at the same time.

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