The PC vs. Mac debate

Given the recent pooping-out-ness of my laptop, I am on the look out for good deals and ideas for a new laptop. If my baby HP doesn’t get fixed on it’s fourth trip to the repair place, I am considering giving up hope (though, maybe I shouldn’t be typing this on it, it might get it’s feelings hurt and really give me a run for my money!).

While I won’t be a student nurse for much longer, I am definitely open to becoming a student again in the near (or far) future, and am always a student of life. I want something that is durable for carrying around with me, has enough memory for my work, music, and pictures, and all the other really cool and fun features that new laptops come with. Not anything too big, but nothing too small (I don’t want to have to wear my reading glasses ALL the time!).

In the last two years I’ve noticed a gradual transition from PCs to Macs in my nursing class room. My dilemma is really the price. And re-learning a whole system. On the other hand, I’ve never met a Mac user who regretted their purchase (have you?). I can’t exactly say the same for PC users.

So while I am in the early stages of deliberation – I need your help. What’s a girl to do about getting a new computer? As a student, as a nurse, what’s your preference? What things do I want to make sure my computer has? Where can I get a good deal?

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