The perils of procrastination

Although I should know better, I have procrastinated.
Big Time.

Like if I don’t fix it by February 15, I’m going to be in, as my nephew says, “mucho trouble.”

I have a certification (it may only pertain to California, I am not really sure) that requires a certain amount of CEs that are divided into sub-categories. Well one of these categories is what we call in the biz, “Tape Review.”

I need 12 hours by next month. I have currently have under my stethoscope…drum roll please…two hours.

What have I done to myself? Some might wonder if perhaps the deadline snuck up on me? Is it only a short time period that you have to complete these requirements? Nope. Hanging my head in shame, I tell you that I have known about this for 2 years. 2 years! That’s 24 months! 730 days! You get the drift, this is all my fault.

So I am cramming it all in. Driving all over Southern California (in a torrential downpour no less) to get all my hours in. Today I traipsed to two different ERs, tomorrow will be my third, Friday my fourth. The first class today was from 830-1130 and the second class was from 12-4. I was worried about making it to the second class in time since it was about 30 miles away from the first and you know that Los Angelians find driving in the rain a very difficult endeavor.

But I made it to my last destination with plenty of time to spare. I walked in and saw two gentlemen from the first class. We all looked at each other and laughed, I guess I am not the only procrastinator in this county!

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