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The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Has Full FDA Approval. Will More Nurses Take It?


The FDA has just granted full approval to the two-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for those ages 16 and up. This could pave the way for more businesses, cities, and localities to mandate the vaccine. Just 52% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, but the recent announcement could convince more people to roll up their sleeves.

Some healthcare providers have not gotten their shots for a variety of reasons. We asked nurses around the country whether they plan on getting vaccinated now that it’s 100% approved. Here’s what they had to say:

No. When Jesus tells me it’s ok then I will.


According to the AMA, over 96 percent of physicians have taken the vaccine but those with far less education must know best.


Threatening to take people’s jobs and education away if they don’t get vaccinated is wrong and always will be wrong. FDA approval doesn’t change that.


Nope, they are only doing that to convince people to get it, because apparently offering people $$$ to take it didn’t work. I’ve never seen the government bribe citizens before. That makes people very suspicious ?


I would have gotten the vaccine even if I knew it would give me two more arms and a third eye. Which actually could have been helpful at work…Looking forward to getting a booster.


There is no way they could have denied the approval after half the country has gotten the vaccine. Can you imagine the mass hysteria if the FDA had said sorry, it isn’t up to standard, and we don’t feel comfortable giving it clearance at this point? I mean really, did you ever think it would not get approval????


Aaaand the antivax crowd moves the goalposts yet again – they’re so dug in it’ll literally take them or family members DYING OF A PREVENTABLE ILLNESS to convince them. ✌️


What comes to mind are the hundreds of other drugs that they have approved and then years later, recalls them, after they have already destroyed lives. So, I do not trust any of these organizations.


Nope, will NOT get it!!!!! Now I stand to lose my whole career as a nurse bc I won’t get it ….. Sad sad day for us nurses who love their job…… I was a hero last year and those very same people will try to fire us this year ?


I am a nurse, not American, and have been fully vaccinated in Australia, with Pfizer. I’m happy & healthy, as we go through our 2nd wave with Delta. Really surprised by the answers in this thread. Very scary if they’re nurses.


The highest bidder won that’s all. Throwing money at something to push an agenda. No one cares about health, it’s whoever has the deepest pockets.


I’m still shocked that anti-vax nurses exist. I can understand if it’s the average person with poor health and science and literacy but nurses? Come on, did you even go to university? The profession needs a massive cull, nursing is science based, it’s time it started acting like it.


Already had both Pfizer in December. Get my booster next month. Since I’m a nurse taking care of unvaccinated patients in the hospital and we are overwhelmed with unvaccinated covid patients, I will get every vaccine offered to me. I want all the protection I can get to keep from going through what I see my patients go through.


What shocks me is it takes years to research and trial vaccines and medications but this new one takes a year at best!


Already got it because I care about people and fighting this pandemic.


About to have a field day when y’all antivax nurses out of a job ?


Interesting that so many people said they wouldn’t get it because it wasn’t FDA approved, but now that is FDA approved still won’t get it.


OMG the comments!!! It concerns me how many idiots there are especially in healthcare! We’re never going to reach 70% vaccination and have our lives back ?


I applaud all the Nurses that don’t follow the MASSES and are standing up for themselves ????????


95% of all serious COVID cases are unvaccinated. So good luck with enjoying your freedumb to choose. ??


I feel like the anti vax crowd is just looking for a reason to complain.


So many judgmental people here. If your vaccine is so effective, why are you so concerned about the rest of us? Mind your own business and focus on your own life ✌


When I went to nursing school, I was taught that my job as a nurse was to educate, inform and not use my beliefs to persuade a patient to do what I think is right, but to give them the tools to make the right decision for themselves. Either way, we all have to live with our own choices. Let’s just be nice.


As of today, we have 98 patients in my hospital that have Covid. 94% of them are unvaccinated. That’s the math. The true purpose of the vaccine is to make it more difficult for you to get Covid, not impossible for you to get and if you do you typically are much less affected by the symptoms.

This will most likely end up being a Darwinist story eventually and unfortunately.


A whole lotta nurses keep outing themselves with no apparent understanding of immunology, health research and epidemiology. Tell on yourselves more ????


As a person who had COVID prior to being Pfizer vaccinated I can safely say I’d much rather be vaccinated against this horrible virus. I was on my back for 4 weeks and off work for 6. It floored me and the post viral syndrome has been horrific…

Get your vaccine before this virus destroys a whole year of your life!


I’m going to be honest I was not for it at all, but our unit is becoming all covid again and I have a 7yr old and a significant other with respiratory issues so I will be getting mine next week ?


Smart nurses got it already.


Yes. I struggled for a while before I decided to take the Pfizer vaccine. I’m 5 days in taking care of all COVID patients. At least 75% did not take the vaccine. People are dying. Just 2 days ago a 27-year-old in our ICU died from COVID. For now, it’s all we have that could be the difference in life and death.

It’s our only possible chance.


There are still plenty of nurses on both sides of the fence, but some people have changed their minds. Thank you to everyone that responded on Facebook. These responses have been edited for length and clarity.


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