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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, and news articles about motivation. What do you do to motivate yourself? How do you keep up with the regimen? How do you stop yourself from giving up? How do you prevent the laziness factor?


We all want the secret formula to fitness success. We all want to be able to say “I DID IT!” But the reality is the percentage of people achieving what they set out to do is relatively low. I’ve heard some people talk about posting a before and /or after picture of themselves. Or some will post a picture of a ‘fit’ person, or a picture of what the would like to look like.

Now here this: ‘If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.’

In my opinion, a great motivation tool is ANYTHING that can motivate you. And not just motivate you once, but a perpetual motivator. – Yeah… I like that. Perpetual motivation. A perpetual motivator. The problem is, most people look for someone or something to motivate them, instead of looking at themselves, within themselves, or maybe even ON themselves.

I use many different motivational tools and techniques, but this one is the simplest and often the most effective perpetual motivator.

The next time you think you can’t do it anymore. Or the next time you need that ‘kick’ to remind yourself NOT to eat that Big Mac. Or the next time your feeling just a lil too lazy, and rather not exercise. I want you to reach down to your waist line, or reach under your arms, or maybe even reach for your inner thigh(s), and give yourself a ‘pinch’. Yep. You read that right. Pinch yourself.

Do you still have something there, that you want to get rid of? Is there too much of something you don’t want and not enough of what you do want (yeah.. too much cellulite, and not enough muscle). If any of the above was answered yes, then you still have work to do.

No? Well how about this video then?


Are you sick? Are you dying at this very moment?

Are you injured? Are you hurt?

Do you still have the capability? You’re not lying in a hospital bed are you?


Get off your lazy rump and get to work. Work it out before it works you out.

That’s what I called the “Pinch Prompt”. (And yes… maybe I’m being a lil’  harsh. Tough love ladies and gentlemen, tough love.)

Carpe Diem

Pinch Prompt‘ originally posted on My Strong Medicine.

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