The pros and cons of color-coded uniforms

Color-coded uniform policies.

Maybe you hate them, maybe you love them. Maybe you even hate to love them. Let’s be honest—there’s something to be said for a morning (or afternoon) routine that requires little to no effort, especially if you haven’t had a chance to put the coffee on yet. In which case, the world is already asking too much of you.

Then again—you make lifesaving decisions each and every day. Shouldn’t you be allowed to sport a fun summer print if you want to?

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie touches on the pros and cons of uniform regulations, but, true to her nature, doesn’t shy away from offering her own two cents.

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6 Responses to The pros and cons of color-coded uniforms

  1. Deb Cooper

    I hate it! Much of the time it is hard to find scrubs that FIT in the color I am required to wear! I am so tired of Ceil Blue! I would love to wear some color and some flowers or other prints! Our hospital in our system is the only hospital that is color coded. Just once I would like to be able to wear pretty instead of plain!

  2. countrylady10

    Well I really don’t mind. We have to wear grey purple or lilac pants and can wear whatever top we want. So we do get some choice and it seems to work well.

  3. onlyme

    Well, I have color blindness in my family! :)
    Not wearing one’s badge is probably the worst thing to do. Nearly always I remember, without having to go home and pick it up.

  4. Christine Linnet

    I work as a PCA right now while I’m in nursing school and we wear ceil blue scrubs. We deal with literal shit and they put us in the lightest blue scrubs!!! That wasn’t thought out very well lol

  5. JASRN

    Color coding the uniform’s to what position an employee holds at the hospital is totally useless. Case in point worked in an ER in large metropolitan Hospital during the 90’s. Dressed in scrubs. Would go into see/treat a patient as the RN assigned to care for them Alway’s entering a room with a statement as the nurse assigned to care for the). On more than one occasion the patient would say to me ‘Doctor’ could you please send in the nurse. As well several occasions, when going in simultaneously with a Female Doctor to administer care to a patient. These talking patients would always turn to look at me with a statement saying “Doctor” here is my problem. There was one Female MD whom would alway’s become very upset with these patients and I.

  6. Nifer

    We wear navy blue or white, embroidered tops. I don’t mind. It would be nice if we were allowed to wear the hospital t-shirts.