The Pros And Cons Of Going To A Private Nursing School

The Pros And Cons Of Going To A Private Nursing School
There are many ways to become a nurse – and not all of them are built alike. In the world of nursing, there is much debate over the subject of private nursing schools.

Many nurses say that private nursing schools are almost never worth their high cost, and recommend that prospective RNs search for a community college or another alternative educational facility instead.

On the other hand, quite a few private nursing school graduates swear that private nursing schools are the best way to get certified quickly – and that they’re worth the higher cost of entry.

While we doubt that we’ll be able to resolve this argument (and it’s likely that nobody can), we’ll take a look at both the pros and cons of going to a private nursing school in this post.

Whether you’re interested in getting your RN-NCLEX, or are just curious about the merits of private nursing school, take a look below.


Private nursing schools are in business for a reason. Many private nursing programs are great, and produce high-quality, professional nurses – often in half the time of comparable public programs. Let’s take a look at the pros of going to a private nursing school now.


  • Faster completion – Many private nursing programs offer nursing courses that can be completed in only 12-16 months. Community colleges and public university programs, on the other hand, usually require 2 years to complete an ADN, and 4 years for a BSN. Because of this, these accelerated programs can be very attractive – particularly for older students.


  • More practicum experience – This varies somewhat based on the private nursing school, but many students at dedicated nursing schools report getting more hands-on experience through practicums, which is often very helpful when getting that first job out of nursing school.


  • Regional hospital connections – Some private nursing schools maintain good relationships with large networks of regional hospitals, so it’s often much easier to be placed into a job right out of school.


  • Private nursing schools often offer online courses – This makes them a very convenient choice for people who are only part-time students, or who can’t move to a place with affordable or convenient nursing schools.

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