The ranks of the hospital

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Leaps tall buildings in a single bound
Is more productive than a train
Is faster than a speeding bullet
Walks on water
Talks with God

The internist –>

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15 Responses to The ranks of the hospital

  1. Carol W Roberts

    Finally, the truth comes out!!

  2. christina

    ooohhhh this is awesome!!!! i love this!

  3. acey

    Ah, not quite the ending I expected! Bravo!

  4. Cindie

    Good luck! Everytime someone says they are GOD, something dire happens to them. It was cute until the GOD part. Change the GOD to god.

  5. I agree with Cindie. we are warned about claims like this, remove it.

  6. Shun King

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Even though I am a nursing student & haven’t experienced it yet (trust me I can’t wait) this was PERFECT & right on time!!!!

  7. Scrubs Editor

    Good point! We changed God to “a god.” I agree that we should be careful about these claims.

  8. Janet

    “Yeah, right….”

  9. mardi

    get a life people.

  10. Sue

    Funny, but apparently you haven’t spent much time in the x-ray department. We radiate power!!

    And we can talk with radiologists. They aren’t “people” people & often aren’t well socialized.

    And you’ve all heard the joke: What’s the difference between God & a doctor? God doesn’t think he’s a doctor!

  11. kwsrn87

    thanks for a good laugh & by the way I am married to a cardiologist:)…He always says the same joke about surgeons too!!!

  12. Niki, LPN

    I LOVE IT!!!

  13. Tricia

    Thankyou!! That is great reading, and so awesome!!! I love it!!

  14. Barbara

    I agree with Cindie. God we are not, but with God we are better.

  15. Rachael W.

    I LOVE IT !