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The Real Entrepreneurs of Healthcare: Nurse Influencers to Follow in 2021


Every season, the staff at Scrubs Magazine looks at nurse influencers in the medical field, from nurses to doctors and more. 

We compile our list carefully, focusing on many who bring the best in nurse education, not only in their given profession, but how they might help others in day-to-day life.

May we present to you, Scrubs Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of Healthcare: Nurse influencers to follow in 2021:

Sara Well, ICU Nurse

Sara Well is the type of nurse you come across once in a while, so it’s fitting that she heads up our “Who to Follow” list. She is a hustler and is passionate about every aspect of healthcare, and we’re convinced she doesn’t sleep (does any Nurse!?). Sara co-founded the social media platform DropStat, an on-the-go app that gets urgent shift covers filled. The algorithm is so impressive, it saves up to 2 hours of “trying to find cover” – those vital hours are pumped back into patient care. Well is also responsible for Nurses Back to Health, an organization that offers free counseling and coaching for nurses suffering from burnout. As fierce advocates for mental health issues, Scrubs Magazine couldn’t be more supportive.

Crystal G, MSN, CRNA, APRN

As a certified CRNA, Crystal G. is making anesthesiology cool again, as if it ever went out of style. She’s known as a talented care provider, mother, and published author. Her book The Super CRNA shows children how exciting and empowering this field can be, especially for young people of color. She’s also a self-described “debt-slayer” as she helps empower nurses to better manage their finances and plan for the future. She’s full of helpful information for those looking to get rid of their student debt, buy their first home, or save for retirement.

Renée Rodriguez M.D.

If practicing medicine is taking a toll on your body and your health, you’re not alone. Dr. Rodriguez specializes in helping physicians and providers take care of themselves. She’s an all-around fitness leader on social media with an Instagram account to prove it. You’ll see her talking about her latest diet regimen and workout plan – with the body to prove it. At work, she’s a pediatric surgeon who loves taking care of kids’ hearts. She even started a podcast with her husband, who’s also a surgeon, called “Reconciling Medicine” about navigating the highs and lows of nursing and nursing education.

Andrea Dalzell

She’s known as the “Seated Nurse” on her Instagram account, where she regularly talks about her experiences in the profession as a person with disabilities. As a make-up lover and established “throne queen,” Dalzell is living her best life, even if it’s in the seated position. She’s become a fierce advocate for the disabled community in recent years, talking about the challenges of owning and using a wheelchair and feeling overlooked or underestimated at work. However, she overcomes every obstacle with faith and determination.

The Nurse Power Network

Founded by Dr. Nicole Thomas, The Nurse Power Network is a community of nurses who want to take charge of their lives. From personal wellness to career advancement and financial success, the group brings together some of the most powerful and inspiring women in the industry. This is your chance to connect with and learn from other professionals. The group is mostly made up of female nurses, and the experience is tailored to those trying to balance work, family, student loans, self-care, and the pains of working 16-hour shifts. The network is designed to help empower nurses, so they can find success outside of the workplace and segue into more sustainable careers.

Tiffany E. Gibson MSN, NPD-BC, CPN, GHDL

Creator of the New Nurse Academy Tiffany Gibson wants to see nurses better their lives in all sorts of ways. She teaches emotional intelligence and professional development to help nurses unlock their full potential in and outside of work. As a consultant, registered nurse, and public speaker, she regularly discusses diversity in the workplace. She talks about how facilities and institutions can better attract and retain persons of color, so we can create a more equitable healthcare system for everyone.

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Childhood food allergies can be a nightmare for parents and daycare providers. A slight mix-up could be fatal in some cases. The Elijah-Alavi Foundation was created in honor of Elijah in New York, who died after eating a grilled cheese sandwich at daycare. His death led to the passage of Elijah’s Law in that state, which ensures that providers and sitters have the skills and training to prevent allergic reactions in children. The group advocates for the passage of similar policies throughout the U.S., so parents don’t have to worry about these issues when leaving their children with other people.

Dr. Lauren Powell

Known as the “Culinary Doctor” online, Dr. Powell is a family practitioner who believes healthy eating and homemade meals can help curb the rate of severe illness across the country. She hosts online nursing cooking classes on social media and her website, where providers and patients can learn how to make delicious meals using low-cost everyday ingredients. She knows how busy this industry can be, but she wants American nurses to spend more time eating quality foods, so they can take care of their patients tomorrow.

Dr. Ali Haider MD, FACC

As a board-certified interventional cardiologist, Dr. Haider is all about educating the next generation of American nurses and their patients. His website is full of helpful books and resources that doctors and nurses can use to further their knowledge and careers. He’s not one to dole out medical advice online. He focuses on established, peer-reviewed studies that expand our knowledge of medicine. On his social media platform, he aggressively pushes back against misinformation, especially in the age of the coronavirus.

Dr. Austin Chiang MD, MPH | GI Doctor

As Chief Med Social Media Officer for Jefferson Health, Dr. Chiang is here to curb the obesity epidemic. He’s an expert when it comes to endoscopic weight loss solutions. He tailors his approach to each patient to reduce their risk of diabetes and heart disease, both of which are considered risk factors for COVID-19. With a background in communications and social media, he’s using these digital channels to encourage his colleagues to do the same. Unlike some other online nursing schools and programs, he’s quick to point out economic and financial inequities that contribute to poor health outcomes.

Cedric “Jamie” Rutland M.D.

As a pulmonary/critical care MD, Cedric is the owner of West Coast Lung, an internal medicine, pulmonary & critical care center in Newport Beach, CA. As the face of his practice, he specializes in asthma, COPD, ILD, EBUS, navigational bronchoscopy, and the effects of vaping. However, the coronavirus pandemic has put his practice under the microscope. He’s been closely studying how the virus affects the lungs of severely ill patients, creating informative videos that are educating providers all over the world as we fight to put an end to this disease. He’s also a National Spokesman for the American Lung Association, becoming one of the most trusted pulmonologists in the country.

Nurse Monica, MS, FNP-BC

Nurse Monica wants to help nurses negotiate their dream jobs as they tap into unrealized opportunities in the workplace. She encourages her followers to speak up on the job, advocate for their rights, and work toward securing their financial future. She’s also the mother of three adorable triplets, which are all over her Instagram account, so she knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be a working parent. Look to her for career advice and other must-know tips for creating the ideal work-life balance.

Amanda, NP

As a bonafide “Resume Expert,” Nurse Amanda is a fierce advocate for travel nursing. She knows that nurses have so many options at their disposal, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. If you want to unlock your dream job, you might want to brush up your resume first. The nursing and nursing management industry is extremely competitive these days, and Amanda focuses on helping nurses present themselves in a new light, so they can negotiate for better pay, shorter hours, and a more sustainable work environment. Check out her profile for resume tips, templates and more.

Learn from these amazing nurse influencers as you look for ways to further your career and live your best life in 2021.


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