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The secret to weight loss success


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For some crazy reason it’s cropping up again. The infamous questions of weight loss and how to succeed. I have fellow gym-goers’, co-workers and colleagues asking me what’s the ‘KEY’, or what’s ‘THE’ secret to weight loss? They want to know what my secret was to my weight loss success as well as my continued weight management.

I always feel bad when I answer them -because it’s not the answer they want to hear. It seems that everyone thinks I’m going to slip them this ‘silver bullet’ sort of tip. That I’ll tell them that ‘one thing’ to change their lives. As if one food item, or one exercise, or one machine, or one specific diet will turn them into the shape they are dreaming of!

I usually get the ‘rolling eyes’ reaction, or the ‘blank stare’ reflex with my answer. Most people don’t like my obtuse honesty when it comes to weight loss. I won’t lie to you – I can be rude sometimes because I get exhausted by the amazing excuses people come up with for not losing weight. And I am still flabbergasted by how many colorful excuses are generated in rebuttal to my advice.

So, what is THE secret to weight loss? Well, here is my pearl of wisdom:

You have to stop doing what you used to do, and start doing what you need to do.

It really is that simple.

How did you get here? How did you end up with your current weight? Did it just ‘show up’ one morning? Did it ‘fall’ into your lap (literally)? Was it thrown at you from across the street?!

Outside of some metabolic disorders and a challenging genealogical make up your weight is your fault. Nope, not your family’s fault. Sorry, it’s not your former significant other’s fault either. And the last time I checked you don’t gain weight simply by looking at, or being near food.

You are also the one in charge of your body and its activities right? The last time I checked you get to decide if you’re walking instead of riding, running instead of walking, and jumping instead of standing.

It’s no secret. Garbage in = garbage out. Movement = burning calories.

So, up to this point what you have been doing has been counter-productive to your goal of weight loss. It’s time to change what you’ve been doing.

Stop doing what you used to do and start doing what you need to do.

Any questions?

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