The “Senior Several”

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We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15”, the supposed inevitable 15 pounds you gain in your first year of college because you’re out on your own, eating, drinking, studying, and generally just not eating the right things. I never had that. I lived at home and kept eating the same way I always had. And while that wasn’t always the most healthy, I’ve pretty much maintained my weight throughout my entire college career. I think it’s all catching up to me now. I’ve got the “Senior Several.” The inevitable several pounds that are chasing me down as I try to finish up these last few weeks.

It seems we’ve barely had time to soak in the idea of being a senior. There’s just too much going on. I am definitely not one of those people who stresses out and then eats nothing, losing a ton of weight before a test. My genes are the opposite. I’m a stress eater (or at least I can be).  Plus, eating is a distraction. Take this lovely Saturday afternoon, for example. It’ sunny and warm. You can smell Summer in the air. I woke up and enjoyed my day, but now it’s time ti buckle down and get my very last case study done. Even the idea that I will NEVER have to do one of these again isn’t enough to keep me focused. And I have yet to get the chance to switch on to “auto-pilot” and just pump out the work.

So what am I doing? Scouring the kitchen for something to nibble on, making myself an extra cup of coffee to drink. It’s a quick and easy distraction. Unfortunately, it’s short lived and easily replaced by something else. I know there are tricks to not doing this, but I think I am partly in denial, despite me being able to recognize it.  I just can’t seem to adjust into “fix it” mode. I wish I could at least find some more productive, less caloric distractors, like getting my laundry done.

One of the many things I am looking forward to this summer, after graduation, is the ability to have a life again. A schedule that I can determine, and the summer sun to exercise in. I need that routine again (well, I’m not sure I ever had it in the first place, but I need it now!).  But for now, I guess I will just peel a tangerine and drink some water and mull over all the work that needs to get finished. Hey, at least I am trying some healthier options, right?

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