“The specialty where nurses laugh the most is…”

Image: iofoto | Veer

Image: iPhoto | Veer

Nursing is an undeniably tough job, but it sure has its moments of humor, too. After all, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying! We wanted to know in which specialty nurses have the most laughs, so we turned to our Facebook fans for their responses! Which specialty is a laugh a minute? Read on to find out and cast your own vote!


“The specialty where nurses laugh the most is…”

ED, hands down. Where else can you play a round of “What’s in That Rectum?”
—J.R. McLain

ER—sometimes it’s so hard not to burst out laughing in front of your patients. Like this one time, I had a macho-looking patient who was wearing a red-and-white polka-dot G-string…
—Diana Naj

Psych nursing, hands down! Where else do your patients believe they are Jesus or President Obama? Pure entertainment at all times!
—Rashanda Banks

ICU! You’ll never find another unit where bed 1 is in awe over the psychedelic lights she sees due to her Digoxin overdose, bed 3 is perfecting restraint gymnastics and bed 6 has little worms peeking out from a place that little worms should never be…all to the lovely chiming of cardiac monitors.
—Katy Wentworth

Pediatric Emergency! You never know what’s going to come walking (or rolling) through those doors AND kids are so flipping hilarious!
—Erin Bass

L&D! Oh, the funny things that are said during a delivery…from docs and nurses to patients and family! One doctor always asked the FOB if he brought his buck knife to cut the umbilical cord! Nothing is sacred in L&D!!! When it’s good, it’s great! But when it’s bad, it’s awfully bad.
—Jill Harris Townley

IV Therapy…the big tattooed guys always cry….
—Jenna Blue Robbins

Scopes! Gastro/colonoscopy patients say funny stuff when sedated, and passing gas is still very funny to me.
—Erin Spencer

Geriatrics! They are so funny and don’t have many inhibitions left and just say anything.
—Georgina Valdez

Any area where there are patients!
—Lisa M. Moore

Tell us: What do you think is the specialty where you have the most laughs?


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