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The top 10 ways you know you’re married to a nurse


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In my opinion, being married to a fellow nurse is a blessing as well as a curse. (Just kidding!)

I have to admit, there are times when being married to a nurse makes life as a nurse so much easier–and other times, it makes life quite comical.

Here are some ways you know you’re married to a nurse (or that your spouse is a nurse in disguise!):

The top 10 ways you know you’re married to a nurse

1. Your wardrobe is oversaturated with all things scrub-like

  • Everything from scrub tops and bottoms to specifically “themed” outfits for the holidays and special occasions, including your shoes (clogs, Crocs and more!).

2. No conversation is off limits

  • If you think having dinner or lunch with a coworker is colorful, try talking to your spouse with that no-holds-barred attitude!

3. Your weekends are not actually during the traditional weekend

  • Isn’t shift work grand?

4. Your spouse has to be near-dead to even consider seeking medical attention

  • Especially since he or she already knows what’s wrong, right? You’re both nurses…who needs a pesky doctor?

5. Your house is a medical and nursing library

  • There are medical and nursing reference guides littered throughout your house, because you never know when you may need to look something up!

6. No explanation is necessary

  • When your shift runs late for one of a million reasons, you never have explain why, because your spouse has lived it.

7. Pens, pens everywhere!

  • You know how we nurses are with our pens…just imagine a house full of an eclectic array of choices!

8. Can you say HIPAA?

  • For some strange reason, your conversations are halted numerous times because you pause to make sure you haven’t violated any privacy clauses.

9. There is a DE-CON (decontamination) area of the house

  • Infection paranoia. ‘Nuff said.

10. A household full of security, comfort and compassion

  • Of course, all the entertaining banter is comical and brings a smile every day, but who else can better fulfill your life partner’s role than the most compassionate, loving, caring team player of them all?

The honest truth is that being a nurse is never something we just do, it’s something we are and something we become. What better way to grow than side by side another living that very same dream?

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