The top 10 weirdest things in nurses’ pockets!


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Scrubs pockets can be a nurse’s best friend—since you’ve only got two hands, you’ve gotta put everything somewhere! But we also know those pockets can lead to a few “oops” moments once you get home and empty them! We asked our Facebook fans for the strangest thing they’ve ever found in their pocket post-shift—check out their hilarious, slightly gross and even occasionally bawdy answers (and don’t forget to check your pockets before leaving work tonight)!

The top 10 weirdest things in nurses’ pockets!

1. A patient’s set of false teeth! Wrapped in a glove! Crazy but true!!!
—Teressa Darlene Brewster

2. I was on a 16-hour shift and had a patient with two necrotic toes. Near the end of the second half of the shift, I changed the patient’s foot dressing. As I took the old dressing off, off came a toe! I wrapped it in a 4×4 and called the supervisor. Long story short, I got home and emptied my pockets, and what did I pull out? You guessed it…THE TOE!
—Lisa Odin

3. A tooth! Never did figure out how it got there…
—Cheryl Slay Bedard

4. A dried-up umbilical cord that a mother wanted to keep, but left it on the table. I called her and she came all the way back to pick it up!
—Susan Williams

5. A very small fake penis—we had to practice putting a new kind of condom cath on it. My grandson was the one who pulled it out of my pocket…I had some explaining to do, needless to say!
—Wanda Rivers

6. I was helping the doctor perform a thoracentesis, and the patient started coughing when his lung expanded. We all ducked from the bits of tumor that came flying, and thought we had found all the pieces…until the end of my shift, when I reached into my breast pocket. Ugh.
—Kristi Proffitt Rogers

7. I kept hearing a crinkling, crackling noise and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from…until I was changing out of my scrubs. I had a wrapped baby bottle nipple stuck in the middle of my bra! (I’m a maternity nurse.) LOL!
—Cyndi Patiño

8. A specimen cup with a stool sample in it. I was working in ED and it was very busy. I saw the order on the computer and so did another nurse. We both ended up getting a sample from the same patient, only she sent hers down to lab first. I saved mine just in case and forgot it was in my pocket when I got home. YUCK!!!
—Sheryl Arce

9. Wrist restraints…you should have seen my husband’s face when I pulled THOSE out!
—Poppy Hicks Spurlock

10. A penis implant…loooonngg story!
—Shelly Zelasko

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your pocket at the end of a long shift?


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