The woman who brought her own furniture and other unforgettable patients

Hemera + iStockphoto | Thinkstock

Every month, I get an email from the editors here at Scrubs with suggestions for articles I could write. This month’s list of suggestions included “Tell us about unforgettable patients you’ve had.”

Something tells me they have No Idea What They’re Getting Into.

There was the Nobel Laureate with whom I discussed meatloaf recipes, the woman who smuggled her miniature long-haired dachshund into the room, the person who swore up and down that they were allergic to everything our patient kitchen served and so had to have nothing but McDonald’s for their entire stay. (Remembering that makes a Big Mac sound really good right now…I’m sure that’s the stress talking.)

My three most memorable patients, though, are these…

1. The Woman with the Electronic Widget

2. The Man Who was Allergic to Oxygen

3. The Woman Who Brought Her Own Furniture

First: The Woman with the Electronic Widget

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