The X Factor winner still dreams of being a nurse!


X Factor Winner Melanie Amaro

For her first place finish in the reality TV singing competition The X Factor, Melanie Amaro got a recording contract in addition to a five million dollar payout.

What she did not get, however, was discouraged in fulfilling her other big dream – to be a nurse.

The 19-year-old singer from Sunrise, Fla. was studying nursing before she went on the show, and she recently told the Associated Press that she still intends to finish her degree because she wants to help people. She said she will try to take classes while she is on the road.

Amaro currently is preparing to record her debut album. She won the The X Factor talent competition in December 2011.

What do you think? Is it possible to launch a career as a pop star and juggle nursing school at the same time? Would you be stoked to try?? Here are some songs we hope will be on Melanie’s debut album:

1. A Moment Like This (Would Be Great for a Pee Break!)
2. Breakaway (From My Books ‘Cause I Think I Still Have a Social Life?)
3. Since U Been Gone…I’ve Been Wearing A Lot of Scrubs!
4. Undo it…’Cause I Think I Got the Wrong Vein!
5. Temporary Home…In the Lounge Studying My Butt Off!


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