Then vs. Now: Nurses Reveal What They Looked Like When They Started the Job

Many of us will never be the same after 2020. The pandemic has upended everything we thought we knew about nursing and healthcare – and there’s still no end in sight. New providers and recent graduates are slowly waking up to the realities of working as a full-time nurse.

You probably remember how it felt to start your first shift on the floor. There you were, wide-eyed, eager to learn, and ready to make a difference.

In light of everything we’ve been through over the last 12 months, we asked our community of nurses on Facebook to send in photos of what they looked like then vs. now. The results were awesome, to say the least.

Rhonda Goretzke:

Carol Zeger:

“Graduation February 1987”


Mark Hollinger:

Joeann Patrick:

“Graduating in 2014 vs christmas 2020!”

Lisa Turman McCrory:

Maria Kane, Nurse Care Manager:

Lisa Redmon:

“2018 & 2020”

Evie Jones:

“Oh the grace! Graduated 2016. Qualified 4 and a half years now working in ITU since qualifying 💞”

Emma Lizzie Simpson:

“2014 graduation at 21, and then 2020. Junior Sister in the Emergency department. It’s been an experience 😍”

Nicole Richards:

“2014 graduation… Now working in adult learning disability respite 🙂”

Shiela Mae Sumile Enopia:

Tina Gruet Reed:

“1997 and today as Geriatric NP.”

Emily Jane Phillips:

“Graduated in 2016. Been qualified for 4 and a half years, working as a Scrub Nurse in theatres 💜”

Lungile Shange:

Carol B. Catalan-Sugrim:

Jessica Kiersten Allison:

“2010 vs 2021”

Allyssa Conrad:

A big thanks to everyone that was brave enough to share old photos of themselves on social media. We know the pandemic has been more than difficult, but we continue to thank you for all you do. Nurses of the future will look to you for advice and ask you how you got through one of the most challenging periods in history.

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