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There is no I in weight loss


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OK. Yes, I can spell. Heh heh, there literally is an ‘I’ in weight loss, yes I can see that. I’m talking figuratively. You know the old motivational saying of “There is no ‘I’ in T.E.A.M.”? Well, I’m sort-of stealing that concept.
This time of the year is THE hardest time of the year to maintain our health and wellness (including exercising). It gets darker, it gets colder, and those two facts alone act as a motivation vacuum.

So how do you/we keep ourselves motivated? Not only at home, but at work? How the heck do we nurses practice what we preach about health?

It’s called recruitment.

You need to get a ‘TEAM’ of like-minded individuals together. There is strength in numbers folks.

I think I commented on the whole ‘biggest loser contest’ concept before. Some hospital systems will have a ‘contest’ involving employee-created teams to compete for losing weight. I think I’ve talked about how I don’t like them very much. Well, I don’t like the idea of only doing it for 3 months, or doing it only at certain parts of the year. I do however LOVE the concept of creating a team to help you with your personal goals!

The team will help keep you in check, and hold you accountable for what ever your goals may be. During those moments of weakness, they will be there to help you say NO. They will be there to push you and motivate you when you need it the most. It’s no secret that the hardest part of losing weight is the loss of motivation and succumbing to our weaknesses (what ever they may be: sweets, fast food, no desire to exercise, etc.). This team will help you get past that obstacle.

The thing is, don’t just settle for asking some co-workers. Get out there and network! Ask the ancillary staff (transporters, housekeeping, secretaries, unit ward clerks, etc.), the unlicensed personnel (nurses’ aides), etc.. Get out there and recruit any and everyone that is interested in losing weight! I’d be bold enough to ask for your unit director’s support, the CNO, and any upper level management you can get your hands on. I think it would go a long way if upper management supported your plight.

Since when did weight loss become so unpopular? I mean do you think any of the hospital employees will argue with you about the benefits to losing weight – no matter what the amount is!?

Once your done getting your team together at work, start on the home front. Talk to your immediate family, talk to your siblings, talk to your closest friends. Get all your loved ones involved. What better way to let everyone know how serious you are about improving your health? Get them to help you, which in turn will help them! We all know the holidays are fast approaching – be proactive and make sure all those sweet treats and cholesterol-laden foods are checked at the door!

Oh- no. Your not done. After you’ve knocked down the work doors, and tapped into your family and friends, it’s time to tackle your social media circles. Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about! Your reading a blog right now – guess what, you know what social media circles are. Everything from the blogs you read, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Need I play my broken record about the plethora of resources and support networks available out there?

Braving the battle of the bulge on your own is almost a sure recipe for failure. It’s not easy by any means, and recruiting help of any kind is only a step in the right direction. What better way to improve your health, by others and for others?

Stay strong!

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