There is no ‘Nursing Students Gone Wild’

Title: There is no “Nursing Students Gone Wild.”
As a nursing student, the 10 short weeks of my quarter are completely consumed with studying, reading, quizzes, case studies, and care plans. We run from school to the coffee shop to get work done, and then are onto the next study group or online quiz. When the chance comes to sit and take a breath, my thoughts are focused more on getting something to eat and managing to spend some time with the family before moving on to check-off the next “to-do”  on my list.  In case you had notions otherwise, there is no Nursing Students Gone Wild.

My (Not so Sexy) Plans for Spring Break-

  • Laundry- During the semester laundry piles up because, obviously, it takes forever to fold and put away, and in that time, I could be reading about  [insert majorly confusing, time consuming, disease process here]. My weekly loads of laundry are solely for the purpose of washing the essentials: scrubs, jeans, a few shirts, and underwear.
  • Cleaning My Desk- During the quarter, my desk sees the piles of dirty clothes and gets pretty jealous. He says, “I can out-do you!” and starts his own pile of papers, weekly care plans that have been handed back, and books I have pulled out for a reference and not put away. My desk becomes this unusable pile that needs but a good two hours of devotion to clean up and straighten out, but of course, I have to put together my poster for a group project, and double check my APA formatting, so that gets neglected too. The pile soon moves to the floor, and by week 8, I am only really using my room to sleep in — exiled by my mess that is asking for more time than I can give it between papers and tests.
  • Spending Time With My Friends and Family- I have a (very understanding) boyfriend, who is kind enough to wait for me to schedule our much needed QT.  I’m also going to make hanging out with friends, and spending some quality time with my family a priority this week.
  • Relaxing- As much as I’d love to see everyone I know and love, at this point in my nursing school career there is nothing more relaxing than some “me” time: turning the music up, lighting some incense, let the spring air in the window, and taking a much needed rest.

So while you most likely won’t be seeing me in a bikini begging for beads this Spring break, you can be sure that I’m looking forward to letting off steam and kicking back.

Nursing students, what are your Spring Break plans?

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