These nurse stock photos are off the charts!



Nursing is one of those careers that often gets romanticized. From the way the job is portrayed in the media, you’d think it was all glamorous stuff like dispensing meds, changing bandages and generally making patients feel better. But the reality is often much less exciting. In fact, if you ask many nurses what they spend a big chunk of their time doing each shift, they will respond with one word: charting.

Of course, this is yet another aspect of nursing that isn’t usually portrayed accurately in stock photos. That’s a shame because it’s not really difficult to get it right. Here are a few examples that are spot-on:

Note the dull, glazed eyes; the set of the mouth; and the hand to the forehead to still a pounding migraine. Add a few stains and wrinkles to the scrubs, and you’ve got a very realistic picture. But this isn’t how most of the stock images of charting look. Oh, no. Here are a few wacky and weird photos that might have you rolling your eyes.

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