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“This Is My Tribute” – A 5th Grader’s Letter to Healthcare Workers


Across the U.S. and abroad, individuals are staying at home to diminish the spread of the coronavirus. Sheltering in place isn’t just about protecting yourself from the virus; it’s also about protecting other individuals, thus easing the burden on the local healthcare system. For many of us, staying inside is our way of showing our support for the healthcare community and for each other, but some people can’t help but share their words of gratitude.

Simone Winter has been at home since California enacted the shelter-in-place order early last week, but she’s been learning a lot about the pandemic from afar and how it’s affecting healthcare providers. She decided to write a letter to the nurses in her area to show her appreciation:

We thank Simone for her message of gratitude during these troubling times and encourage her to pursue her dream of practicing medicine. Our heart goes out to all the nurses and healthcare providers out there helping their communities through this crisis.

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