This little piggy went to market, this little piggy got swine flu

sick-person-with-thermometoIts almost a guarantee. I will get the swine flu. No matter how much Purell I bask in, no matter what type of mask I wear, I will get it. Just looking around my ER I see staff sneezing (not into their recommended shirt sleeve per the CDC), then touching their face, then the mouse. I see patients sneezing and coughing and not even bothering to attempt to cover up the splattering germs; I see doctors walking in and out of rooms not washing their hands, gloves still donned, touching the keyboard.
I feel like I’m in a bad dream when the monster is running after you and you can’t run away fast enough. But in this dream its a ginormous, pink, pig shaped virus looking to commandeer my cells and multiply.

I would go crazy running around being the Purell police. All I can do is remind when I can and try, try, try to avoid Mr. H1N1.

But I don’t think its possible.

I did, however, get my first flu shot ever. (As an adult I mean, maybe I was held down as a kid and injected?? I’ve blocked it out). People ask me why I sold out and endured the needle in my deltoid; and the reason is simple: I can’t afford to be sick. Financially, emotionally, career-wise, or scholastically. I just can’t. So I am taking any and all precautions available. And guess what? My arm didn’t hurt, I didn’t get sick or tired or even mildly febrile! I might even try the H1N1 vaccine.

After all, I am totally outnumbered. The odds are not on my side. If I get through until 2010 without the symptoms on the Nyquil bottle I will consider this flu season a success.

But, I’m afraid to say, I am not optimistic about it.

Does anyone have a Hazmat suit I can borrow for a few months?

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