3 great nurse jokes

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These three nursing jokes from Nursefriendly.com take a look at what nurses do best – identify the pain and provide relief. Plus, a look at what happens when doctors go to hell!

Patient Reassurance
Respiratory Assessments
Doctor in Hell

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Compiled by Andrew Lopez, RN, for nursefriendly.com. Learn more about Andrew at nursefriendly.com.

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5 Responses to 3 great nurse jokes

  1. Sylvia

    great website

  2. Great! The oxygen tank joke was funny :)

  3. Lorf knows we need the humor.

    I thank all the nurses for the terrific jokes they sent that made our book possible.

    As well as the over 400 who contributed to the true, often less than funny, encounters in the workplace.

  4. I loved all three jokes they were great

  5. Sharon Talbert RN

    this is a great idea. We need to laugh many times to keep from crying, we are so busy but do not get me wrong I love being a Nurse!