Three Nursing Blogs You Need To Be Reading

Three Nursing Blogs You Need To Be Reading
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There are nurses all over the web who have shown the medical world that their writing skills go beyond taking patient histories. For an inside look into the lives of your peers, with tips and knowledge shared with flair, add these three nursing blogs to your own must-read lists:

Kathy Quan – The Nursing Site Blog

With over 30 years of experience as an RN, Kathy Quan has a lot of great advice, stories, and tips to share with her peers. Recognized as a Top 25 Nursing Blog for 2016, Kathy Quan touches on topics for new nurses such as how to do a head to toe assessment, while also offering her opinion on the best products and books for nurses. It is well worth following Kathy on Twitter and Facebook as she is entertaining, informative and someone that has continually received kudos since her blog’s inception in 2007.

Brittney Wilson – The Nerdy Nurse

Not only is Brittney Wilson a BSN and RN, she is an award-winning author who shares her expertise in modern technology with the nursing world on Facebook, Twitter, and through her blog. While a lot of the blog covers emerging tools and innovations that help to make the life of a nurse easier, she also covers topics that relate to your regular shift. Brittney Wilson even dares to talk about the realities of being a nurse, such as under what circumstances you can refuse treatment of a patient. With its sharp wit, you’ll find this an easy-to-read blog that will keep you in the know.

Nurse Beth –

An active columnist in the nursing forums, you can imagine that Nurse Beth has a compiled a ton of expert advice for nurses at every stage in their career. is full of tips on how to land the nursing job of your dreams and ways in which to excel once you land there. With her inside knowledge of the questions and concerns that plague nurses, she has developed an intuitive site that provide all those answers.

It is easy to follow any of these outstanding nurse-writers as all are active on both Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not, you can get alerts to new posts by adding them to your blogs to follow list on a site like Blog Lovin’. This way you’ll never miss a beat when they have something new and interesting to share with you and the rest of their readers.

There are dozens more read-worthy nursing blogs out there, most of which you can find by clicking on the blog rolls of these three. With their first-hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations of nursing, you will find that all are easily relatable and full of helpful information on how to become better at what you do.

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