Three things I wish I had time to do on my shift

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Three things I wish I had time to do on my shift:

1) Pee

2) Drink Water

3) Sit

Usually I avoid number two knowing that logically it leads to number one, although if I get to do number one then I get to do number three for a little bit.

The great thing about a busy shift where you can’t sit, drink water or pee is that the shift flies by. The bad thing is that you leave parched and in some early type of renal failure with sore feet to boot. It is amazing how good we all get at holding off on going to the bathroom…Seriously, most nurses have gone at least one shift without peeing at all. Some might say it  is a talent. However, if you are pregnant, watch out! There is no holding your pee when there is a baby tap dancing on your bladder so prepare to either make time to pee or wear a diaper because you will be going.

In a perfect world if I didn’t need to do the aforementioned three tasks I would want to spend more time talking to my patients. Most of them have super interesting stories (once you cure their nausea, pain, etc.) and are fascinating to talk to. When I do have an interesting moment, I try to grab a chair and shoot the breeze with my patients. Even if it is just five minutes, it makes my shift feel worthwhile and I think my patients like it too!

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