Three tips for the nurse job hunter

I have heard about too many new grad nurses who can’t find jobs. It’s gotten to the point in which entry level nurses are willing to pack up and move to a new state just to secure a gig. I was talking to a nurse the other day who said she moved from California to New Mexico to find an RN job. I was amazed!!!
So I thought perhaps I should share a few more interview tips with everyone.

1) If the person who is going to interview you is walking you back to the conference room or office (wherever the interview is going to take place) walk as fast or as slowly as they are. I hate when I turn around and the person is walking ten feet behind me. If you aren’t used to wearing four inch heels, today may not be the best first day to try them.

2) Look professional. Seriously. I think you should dress nicely but some disagree with me and think scrubs are fine. OK, fine, if you are going to wear scrubs at least make sure they aren’t wrinkled and they match.

3) Know something about the organization for which you are applying. If you are applying to work in a CICU, know if they do heart transplants. A little homework will always pay off.

So there you have it, a few more tips for you. Happy job hunting!

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