Times are tough

Image: iStockphoto | Thinkstock

As I said last week, I am looking for a new job.  I have submitted at least 15 applications to various hospitals and clinics, for various units, for staff, charge nurse and management positions.  I have received no’s from about half of those already.  I had one interview, have one more set up and one possibility.

As I am waiting for somebody to call me, I have been thinking how are the times are for new grads especially.  I mean look at me, I have critical care, med/surg, emergency, charge nurse and management experience and I can’t even get some hospitals to call me back.

I can’t image graduating, feeling good about your future as a nurse, have students loans about to come due and then not even being able to get past Human Resources at the hospital when you submit an application.  It must be incredibly frustrating, because I have some interviews and I am frustrated as heck.

I know what the deal is though.  Nurses that have been out of the workforce for a while are coming back because of the economic environment.  Nurses that were just working Per Diem or part-time are moving over to full time because their spouse lost their jobs.  All these experienced nurses coming back into the full time work force is giving new grads very little chance of even getting an interview.

For me, the interviews I do have are because of the people that I know.  I am not confident that I would have even gotten the interviews if I didn’t know somebody.

Things will turn around again, someday, but right now…times are tough.

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