Tips on how to thank nurses (a helpful guide for your manager)

expressing gratitude, thank you
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“Hey, thanks for taking over that patient for me!”

“Man, you got my vein on the first try. You’re a really good nurse.”

“Lisa, you’ve gone above and beyond. Why don’t you take tomorrow morning off with pay? You deserve it.”

Yes, some people are great at expressing gratitude. Without them, work would seem way more difficult…sometimes almost unbearable.

Other people never seem to express gratitude and come across as ungrateful snobs. You know who I’m talking about.

Whatever category you’ve experienced, now is the perfect time to help your coworkers and managers remember that what you give comes back to you (often multiplied).

Much of the advice in this article would be appropriate for your bosses to read — it includes great ideas on how to thank nurses. Maybe you could print this out anonymously and post these ideas in your break room, nurse’s station, or drop it on someone’s desk….?

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