Tips to help with holiday stress

Not only are the holiday’s a time of joy, but to some they are also a time of stress. I find that this year is particularly more stressful than previous years. Next week is the last week of school and the following week is finals week.  I have about 4 papers to write and endless studying before the semester ends. Christmas shopping? Nope. I haven’t even put a dent in that yet! I usually love the holidays. My Christmas tree is always up before Thanksgiving day but this year,  I have been lucky enough to have heard a few Christmas carols on the way to class in the car.
These days, it seems like more and more people have lots to do with less time to do it! Here are a few tips to help simplify the holidays this year!

1) Try doing holiday shopping online. Shipping too much? Ask around to see if anyone else needs an order and wants to split the shipping cost with you! You would be surprised!

2) You don’t have to attend every party this year. Keep it simple. Don’t over-do-it with holiday events you could care less about.

3) If you are hosting Christmas dinner, offer to make the main course and ask family and friends to bring their favorite desserts to share along with the recipe! This goes over quite well with our family!

4) Don’t overspend! I cannot tell you how many things my kids get for Christmas! The truth is, by the next year it is usually trashed! After all, it is not all about the gifts!! (okay, try telling that to an 8 year old!)

5) Help those in need. Nothing makes me feel better than helping someone less fortunate.  Volunteer at the local soup kitchen or take a name off the tree at a local shopping center such as Walmart.

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