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Has Nursing Taught You To Be A Better Parent?


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It’s unquestionable: being a nurse influences your whole life. With such a demanding yet such an enriching job, there are many things you learn to handle and to look at in very different ways.


Have you ever thought how your nursing career influences your parenting and the way you interact with your children? Of course, the obvious answer might be time-related, since being a nurse consumes a lot of resources. But there is more to it than this.


You Have Seen It All


Oh, the wonders of having witnessed so many weird, stressful and diverse situations! Not only does a panic attack or a tantrum no longer scare you in any way, but you are now more in control of seeing through whatever is happening. You have a flair for dealing with stress, and it takes a real blow to take you off trails.


If many parents are much quicker to judge a bad behavior as a sign of pure evilness, you do not jump to conclusions. You take your time to look at your kid carefully and see deeper, beyond the tantrum. If your children are acting out, you first try to consider whether they are simply very tired or just under a lot of psychological stress. Your refined observation and empathic skills will prove to be one of your best friends when it comes to raising children. Not only will you cut to the chase and know more precisely what the cause of poor behavior is, but your experience will also get you closer to your children. They will feel more appreciated by a parent who cares to listen, and their confidence level will grow in a healthy way.

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