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Has Nursing Taught You To Be A Better Parent?



You Are Not Very Impressionable


When your child is craving for a little more attention or trying their luck at getting some sick days, well – it doesn’t really happen. There is no typical physical injury or condition that you haven’t come across with, so there is not much room for fooling you with those. If your kid falls and breaks something or he comes home with the chicken pox, you rarely lose your temper or get scared. After all, again, there is not much you haven’t seen until now, and you know very well how to take care of them. Not to mention, no amount of dirt, pee or poop will ever again frighten you.


Oh, let’s not get started with the famous, universal excuses kids come up with! You are a master in sensing them from a distance. Much to your kids’ disappointment, you have heard each and every one of them. So they either learn to be more creative, or they just have to be honest. Either way, you know for sure your kids will grow with a strong ability to not get easily fooled and why not, with a great sense of humor (for some more hilarious examples of what it means to be a nurse parent, you might want to check this fun article)


Compassion Is Your Middle Name


Crazy things might not scare you, but you sure do keep an outstanding amount of compassion towards your children. No matter what they do, you have learned to accept their uniqueness and know that love and understanding are the most valuable things you can give to them. With children going through so many new discoveries and turmoil every day, you never step away from showing them that you are there for them. If the time you spend together is not always as generous as you might want it to be, you know how to pay them back with your affection and compassion. It seems that once you become a nurse, you stay a nurse, whatever you do.


You Are a Multitasker


With work demanding your attention at such high standards and with emergencies flowing all around you, regular tasks seem almost entertaining. No wonder you can handle throwing a pajama party with the entire kindergarten at your place and still keep your cool and catch up with the other parents, while casually throwing a look at that show you like. No one can do multitasking as you can and not burn the house or anything.


Here’s the truth. Because of your busy schedule as a nurse, you don’t always get to spend as much time as you’d want with your kids. But you’ll have to admit that being a nurse has taught you to be more patient, kind, and compassionate. In other words, being a nurse has taught you how to be a better parent.





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