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To tat or not to tat?


Cover ’em up!
I have had patients motion me aside for a talk because they are uncomfortable with the visibly tattooed RNs taking care of them.
Peter Gozinnia

In my opinion, the professional thing to do is keep them covered. I have some, but my patients never will see them. I love body art, but I don’t think it has a place in our professional work environment. I never want my patients to question me or any of my superiors.
Meghan DeMariano

I love my tats, but I strongly feel—out of respect for the patient—that they should not be visible. Not everyone has the same views as I do, and the patient before me has enough to worry about instead of what type of hospital would let some tatted-up chick work on her.
Donna Brockel

As long as you can cover them up, it’s okay. Lawyers, judges, doctors and every other group of professionals has people with tattoos, so in my opinion, having body art in no way makes someone unprofessional. It’s the way someone reacts to the criticism of having the body art that can make someone unprofessional or handle it with grace.
Sara Staton

Where I work, employees are not allowed to have visible tattoos (make sure they are covered up). Potential employees are not hired if they have any visible tattoos. While I don’t mind small, tasteful tattoos, I see where it could get sticky if one person was hired and one person denied a job because of a questionable tattoo. Appropriateness can be an individual taste.
Kim Gutridge Zornow

Visible tattoos are so unprofessional. We are to be neutral and serve a wide variety of clients…many really could be offended by them.
Angela Horn Nitsche

So what do you think: Are visible tattoos inappropriate in the workplace?


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