Today, My Patient Tried to Commit Suicide

While we can’t take responsibility for anyone else’s actions, we can ask the hard questions, offer support, and advocate for ourselves and the people we are in the trenches with. It starts with vulnerability and expressing our concerns. I’ve started doing coffee talks in my area, opening up a forum with a therapist for nurses to come to talk or to get things off their chest. I also started an online community, a safe place where nurses are free to be real and know they are heard and supported. We hear the quote, “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” I can’t save everyone or cure mental illnesses, but I can be a light to at least one person and that’s what I am dedicated to do. More to come on self-care and truly nurturing your soul. But for now, give yourself some love and grace and let someone you work with know how much you care. There is hope and it starts with us.

Cat became a nurse in 2013 after graduating from the University of Colorado with her BSN. She’s always worked in pediatrics, first at Children’s Hospital Colorado and now back in her hometown at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Her true passion lies in helping nurses with their own self-care. She is the self proclaimed Nurse Whisperer with a mission to help nurses find purpose, presence and balance Her ultimate goal is to help nurses live a life they love just as much at work as they do at home.

Her motto is LEAP. LAND. LIVE.
LEAP take a chance on yourself – LAND confidently on your own two feet – LIVE  a life by your own design

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