2 Minute Meditation

Become aware of your strongest emotion in this moment. Is it primarily frustration, contentment, grief, happiness, anger, hope, fear, longing? This is only a partial list of the full and subtle range of natural human emotions, so pause now and identify your feeling.

Whatever emotion is present, know that it is a passing, temporary experience. Treat your emotion as a guest, a visitor passing through the home of your internal experience. Imagine it as a traveler. Let there be at least as much space around your emotion as a person would have around them in a comfortable room.

As the host or hostess of your internal home, you don't have to let this guest set up camp. You can acknowledge it while it is visiting, respect it, let it express itself to you, but you don't need to feed or pamper it. Or, if you enjoy this particular guest's company, or if it has something to share with you, treat it to tea, with an invitation to linger.