10 states where nurses get the best pay


map-of-best-and-worst-payinThere is a projected need for more than a million nurses in the United States by 2016.
Nurses are one of the most in-demand professions in America, but with so many opportunities, it begs the question: Where should you work?


Below is a list compiled by NursingLink of the 10 best and worst places to be a nurse based on salary, and the 10 best and worst states based on job openings.

Top 10 Highest Nurse Paying States


State Salary (hourly)
1. California $25.45
2. Hawaii $24.76
3. Massachusetts $23.38
4. New Jersey $23.33
5. Alaska $23.09
6. Delaware $22.98
7. Oregon $22.91
8. Nevada $22.83
9. Maryland $22.79
10. Connecticut $22.62

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