10 states where nurses get the best pay

map-of-best-and-worst-payinThere is a projected need for more than a million nurses in the United States by 2016.

Nurses are one of the most in-demand professions in America, but with so many opportunities, it begs the question: Where should you work?


Below is a list compiled by NursingLink of the 10 best and worst places to be a nurse based on salary, and the 10 best and worst states based on job openings.

Top 10 Highest Nurse Paying States


StateSalary (hourly)
1. California$25.45
2. Hawaii$24.76
3. Massachusetts$23.38
4. New Jersey$23.33
5. Alaska$23.09
6. Delaware$22.98
7. Oregon$22.91
8. Nevada$22.83
9. Maryland$22.79
10. Connecticut$22.62

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5 Responses to 10 states where nurses get the best pay

  1. carol

    These wages seem more realistic than others I have seen including an article today with salary projections for 2011 for nurses.

  2. Candace

    I’m not sure that the increased salary in these States balance well with the cost of living there, something you must always consider.

  3. Paul

    Im a brand new lpn and I make 21 at a bad nursing home in a small town in southern illinois haha

  4. Dariel

    Are these an average of LPN and RN or just one or the other?

  5. nicolejones

    There is a lot of confusion among people as to which state is the best in the US for nursing jobs. To help sort out this issue, Affordable Nursing Schools has created a quick survey to gather information from the people, esp. health care practitioners, who know the living environment and the actual pay rates in the states across the country. Please fill in the survey so that people who are seeking education in nursing are guided properly as well as nursing professionals.