Top 10 etiquette rules for using the microwave at work

Image: Raytheon
Let’s just get right down to it:

  1. Fish. Really, why do people do this? It will stink up your ENTIRE department. Please cease and desist this practice immediately.
  2. Broccoli. Please see above.
  3. Popcorn. Hello fire alarm. 9 times outta 10 it will get burned and your hospital’s chief nursing officer will threaten to take away all your microwaves.
  4. Aluminum foil. I thought this one was obvious but someone proved me wrong the other day. Hint: It sparks.
  5. Anything pumpkin. Why? Because it makes me want to eat an entire pumpkin pie. Smells too yummy.
  6. Spaghetti. (Unless you put a lid on it.) It splatters EVERYWHERE and then looks like some kind of Kenmore crime scene for the next person who uses it.
  7. Pita bread. This is for your own good. It is a fine line between warm, yummy pita bread and a hockey puck.
  8. Tomato soup. (see number 6).
  9. Styrofoam cups. They melt and stink when they melt. Really badly.
  10. Apple pie (see number 5). The exception to this one is if you bring enough for me. Then please, heat away. And I hope you brought some ice cream to go with it.

Got any other items or rules to add to this list?

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