Top 10 job interview tips for nurses!

Few things are as nerve-racking as a job interview. Even though you’ve already achieved a great accomplishment by crafting a perfect resume and landing an interview in the first place, the rest of the battle comes when you walk into the room with your interviewer.

While there’s a ton of information online about how to nail an interview, we wanted to hear successful stories from the trenches specifically related to interviews for nurse positions. So we went to our Facebook fans to find out what worked for them to land their nurse jobs. Read on for their best interview tips and success stories…then share your own in the comments below!

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Top 10 job interview tips for nurses from nurses

1. Be honest when asked if you’ve ever made a mistake as a nurse (or student nurse). We’ve all made them, and it shows integrity when you can admit them, and say what you’ve learned from them!!
– Suzy Black Morency 

2. Know the company you are applying for (mission statement, things they have done in the community). This will help you to answer “Why do you want a job with us?” question. Also, always have questions to ask the employer. Prospective employers are impressed with that.
– Tanisha Irvin-Leonard

3. Be on time. Not early. Not late. On time.
– Sarah Gagne Aldean

4. Don’t appear too eager or desperate to land the job. Sell yourself confidently, not egotistically. Be yourself and make sure the job you are interviewing for is one you can see yourself working years from now.
– Melanie Patterson

5. I won an interview in this opening question. I answered that I have never felt more balanced and fulfilled in life than I do as being a nurse. It encompasses everything I am professionally as well as personally. This was the win. The rest of the interview was just chit chat about family vacations and random other unrelated things.
– Sarah Steele-Phillips Brooke Metcalfe

6. Look sharp…conservative suit or dress. Be early/on time. Be prepared. Know about the hospital or organization you interview with. Bring 2 copies of your resume. Have a good answer for why you want to work there. Know your strengths and weaknesses and give examples when asked. Have fun! Know the answer to this question: Why did you become nurse?
– Heather Fitzgerald

7. Be prepared to name things you aren’t so great at. We want to know you can be humble and have the ability to recognize weaknesses as well as strengths.
– Tami Uselton Hamill

8. Never, ever bad-mouth a former boss or place you worked for. It looks bad.
– Angela Higdon

9. After your interview, take a moment to HAND WRITE a brief but sincere thank you note to your interviewer! You would be surprised how that little extra effort will set you apart from the others. It shows interest, manners, maturity and attention to detail.
– Meredith Miller

10. Relax!!
– Trish Maddox

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