Top 10 (more!) ways to tell you’re a CNA


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CNAs could very well be called superheroes for their way of life.

They wear special gear to save lives, get things done at superhuman speed and may come off as a bit “quirky” to the average civilian.

See which items on this list hit home with you!

Top 10 (more!) ways to tell you’re a CNA

10. You never leave home without your back brace and gait belt.

9. You change more linens than a hotel maid.

8. You have at least 20 sets of adoptive grandparents.

7. You keep up with the number of BMs your family has.

6. The beds in your home are made with “hospital corners.”

5. You can easily feed three or more people at one time.

4. You don’t get grossed out by what you find in adult briefs.

3. You can find 101+ uses for towels, sheets and pillowcases.

2. When your spouse holds your hand, you catch yourself doing range-of-motion exercises.

1. You tell your spouse that s/he is facing the wrong way at the wrong time in bed.

This list is by Rachael Rainer, LPN.

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