Top 10 reasons I didn’t answer my phone


Are you suffering from the “on call” blues? Here are 10…ahem..legitimate reasons to screen your work calls!

Top 10 reasons I didn’t answer my phone

10. The battery has a life of about two seconds and it has ALREADY gone dead for the fifth time in a row.

9. I’m hiding from the doctors (who are probably busy ignoring MY page, too!).

8. I’m hiding from crazy family members who call at midnight to ask about Aunt Sally.

7. I’m avoiding all the people who want something “right now” at shift change.

6. I am up to my elbows in something. Use your imagination.

5. I actually found five minutes to go the bathroom so I didn’t pee my pants, thank you.

4. I ate my phone due to my extreme hunger. You hear it ringing? It’s in my colon.

3. My phone accidentally fell into the toilet and I accidentally flushed it. Refer to #4.

2. My phone accidentally fell on the floor and I accidentally stepped on it.

1. It’s amazing, but my phone learned to fly…out the window! I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!

This list is by Amanda Taylor, RN, BSN.

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