Top 10 reasons I went into nursing

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Remember all those ‘right reasons’ you had for going into nursing?

Take a break and have a chuckle at some of these ‘alternate reasons’ for going into the profession.

10. I love to wear white support hose.

9. I get a kick out of arrogant doctors.

8. It’s more challenging than brain surgery.

7. I get free latex gloves.

6. The scrubs are so flattering to my figure.

5. The world doesn’t need any more lawyers.

4. I actually like vending machine food.

3. Somebody has to train the residents.

2. I get to spend the holidays with my friends…at work.

1. I always wanted to say, “This won’t hurt a bit.”

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4 Responses to Top 10 reasons I went into nursing

  1. bill

    my three
    1 good job high demand any where
    2 good pay
    3 lots of girls

  2. Diana B.

    To have an excuse not to cook or entertain on the holidays (“Sorry, I have to work Xmas/July 4th/Thanksgiving/New Year’s/Easter/Groundhog Day/whatever…”

  3. Barbara

    So I can legally “poke” people.