Top 10 Reasons to Work NOC

iStockphoto + Scrubs

As promised, here are the top ten reasons I choose to stay on night shift–or at least, why everyone thinks we NOC nurses torture ourselves:

1. I like to be an insomniac.

2. I look really awesome with bloodshot eyes.

3. The days nurses are annoying.

4. Wearing pajama-like clothing to work is totally apropos.

5. The shift differential makes up for all the hardship. I am rolling in the extra dough.

6. Nursing station snacks taste better at 3AM.

7. YAY! No visitors on the floor!

8. DOUBLE YAY! No management on the floor!

9. Triple YAY!  The docs are sleeping!

And lastly, everyone knows the patients are all sleeping, so we just hang out and eat all night.

Ahem. That said, I was recently offered a chance to go to days, and how could I accept?? I love my NOC shift. 🙂

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