Top 10 reasons why I didn’t PTO

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The other night I was soooo tempted to take a S-PTO (sick paid time off) shift for “mental health reasons.” In the end, I just couldn’t justify calling off. Here are the 10 reason’s that persuaded me to get my butt to work (like a *good* nurse):

1. Decided to save my hard-earned PTO hours for real R&R, AKA vacation!

2. Remembered that PTO does not pay what shift work does–I lose that night diff!

3. I thought of my coworkers–man is it hard to replace a warm body on the unit last minute.

4. And I told myself I could go in to work in the hopes that I may just learn something new. Ya know, my quest for becoming super-nurse and all that. *wink*

5. I thought, there is always the off chance I could have a really good night, right?

6. Then I had to face that I would have missed my pre-shift Starbucks. (Addicted, here.)

7. And while I pretended it would be a mental health night, the reality is I would have wasted my time puttering around the house feeling guilty.

8. I also explained to my lazy self that IF I go in, I can use/wear my new shoes/scrubs/socks/pens. (Nice to have a stash of pens, socks, etc for this type of motivation-LOL.)

9. Then I remembered that by going to work,  I may JUST save someone’s life! Quite a reason, huh?

And lastly, I reminded myself…

10. “If I don’t go back tonight, I may never go back!” 😀

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