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Top 10 things nurses say in their sleep!


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A nurse’s job is one that tends to stick with you beyond typical business hours and job description (see Why Nurses Never Get Real Vacations). Even when you settle down at night (or in the morning, night shift nurses!), sometimes you end up right back at the bedside. Check out this list of top 10 things nurses say in their sleep!

Top 10 things nurses say in their sleep

10. “Your room is this way…”
9. “Have you had a BM today?”
8. “I think it’s pork.”
7. “You can’t be choking — you’re talking to me!”
6. “No, I really do have to watch you take every pill!”
5. “That’s paper on the floor from the hole punch, not a pill.”
4. “Look up, please.”
3. “Today is (fill in the blank).”
2. “Here’s your pills.”
1. “Is it ten o’clock yet?”

This list is by Candy, LPN.


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