8 TV characters who’d make great nurses!


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It’s no secret that Hollywood goofs up medicine…all the time! So just for fun, we asked our Facebook fans for the character from their favorite TV show who’d make a great nurse. We think there’s a whole new crop of TV characters (and one talk show host!) just waiting to go to nursing school…do you agree?!


The top 10 TV characters who’d make great nurses:

1. Mariska Hargitay’s character, Detective Benson, on Law & Order: SVU would be a great nurse. She is always caring, gets the job done, is able to prioritize and doesn’t take guff from anyone!
Klara B. Fahnel 

2. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) from The Big Bang Theory…he’s kind, thoughtful and sensitive!
Cecily Cruz 

3. I would have to give Ellen [DeGeneres, of The Ellen DeGeneres Show] a shot at being a nurse. Humor goes a long way and she has a quick wit–I bet some of her responses to patients would be hilarious. If not…she could just dance and be a superstar in the progressive mobility initiatives!
Marcia Depolo

4. Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) from The Walking Dead. I mean, come on! She practiced c-sections on zombies!
Jennifer Enersen

5. Monica (Courteney Cox) from Friends came to mind instantly! She’s FULL of energy, organized (almost to a fault), slightly neurotic in a lovable way and doesn’t take crap from anyone!
Caitlin Morrissey Flood

6. Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen)! She’s smart, funny, stubborn and says it like it is…but don’t be mistaken! Deep down, she is just a teddy bear….
Ginny Ho

7. Mary Ellen Walton (Judy Norton-Taylor) on The Waltons. She cared about her community and the people in it. She made it her business to learn what she needed to help them and actually cared.
Dorothy Gianantonio-Amoroso 

8. Flo (Polly Dean Holliday) from the sitcom Alice! I can just see her in the ER…”KISS MY GRITS.”
Kimberly Chapman Hughes  

Which character from your favorite TV show would make a great nurse? Why?


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