Top 10 ways you know you’re a nursing instructor…


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How do you know you’re a nursing instructor? Let us count the ways! Find out how many items on this top ten list have you muttering, “So true, so true.”

10. You start referring to pens as “student prizes.”

9. You have drug guides and medical dictionaries from every publisher.

8. You start referring to nursing students of all ages as “the kids.”

7. You start counting the days until the next school holiday.

6. You refer to your fellow instructor as your “partner” more than your actual partner.

5. You send for every conceivable complimentary textbook that’s remotely healthcare-related.

4. You beg friends and family “in the biz” to guest speak to your students.

3. You’re more excited about a snow day than when you were in third grade.

2. You get excited by new construction near the hospital—it could be a new clinical site!

1. Each day, you learn as much as you teach.

This list, by Lisa Nolan RN, BSN, is the first winner of our “Win Your Top Ten List on a Mug!” Giveaway. You can buy this mug for you or your favorite nursing instructor! Submit your own list here to enter!


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