Top 10 ways you know you’re an agency nurse


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Every nursing specialty has its own habits and quirks…and agency nursing is no different! So what are some of the undeniable signs that you’re an agency nurse? Let us count the ways!

Top 10 ways you know you’re an agency nurse

10. You log more miles than an OTR (over the road) truck driver.
9. You have receipts stuck everywhere for tax purposes.
8. You have a plethora of scrubs in every color to meet different facility needs.
7. The police in six different counties know you and your car (and your medical condition of lead foot!).
6. Your bank regularly flags your account as suspicious because you work in so many cities.
5. You never make plans more than a day in advance.
4. You often cancel plans at the last minute to go to work.
3. You make more money (some of the time!) than you ever thought you could as a nurse.
2. You become the capable, confident nurse you always admired in other nurses.
1. You can kick back in your recliner to watch Live! with Kelly and Michael and tell work you’ve made “other plans” and can’t work…and you can’t get fired. (Guilty!)

What are some other ways you know you’re an agency nurse?

Rachael Rainer, LPN, works in a long-term healthcare facility as well as for two different agencies. She’s been nursing for four years, is married and has six children, all still living at home.

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